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Penang Halal Restaurant Pork FreeWith the growing number of Muslim travellers, many restaurants are trying to entice them to dine in their Penang Halal Restaurant. Halal western food in Georgetown Penang can be served by anyone, including non-muslim as long as it follows the Islamic guidelines.

So what is Halal Food? Halal is an Arabic word that means “lawful” or “permissible”. A halal restaurant in Penang simply means that its food is permissible to be eaten by Muslim.

What kind of food that is permissible for Muslim to eat at a Penang Halal Restaurant?

Based on the Holy Quran, there are a few restrictions on what Muslim can not eat:

1. Pork
2. Blood
3. Any animal that is not slaughtered in the name of Allah
4. Alcohol

Halal Western Food in Penang

So halal food is food that doesn’t violate the restrictions above.

Most non-Muslims in Penang know that Muslims can’t eat pork but very few people understand that halal is more than pork-free and alcohol-free. With the exception of seafood, any animal that is not slaughtered in the name of Allah is not halal.  Chickens, cows, lambs, or turkeys can be non-halal when they are not slaughtered according to the Islamic guidelines.

The Islamic guidelines for halal western food in Penang require animals to be slaughtered by making incisions at the front of their throats using very sharp knives. The incisions should be deep and cut into the carotid artery, wind pipe and jugular veins to release all the blood from the body. The meat can only be consumed/processed after all the blood is drained from the body. When slaughtering an animal, the head of the animal has to be aligned to face the Qiblah and the butcher should utter a prayer “in the name of Allah”

With the growing demand of Halal Western Food in Penang, more butchers are training to obtain halal certificates. Halal restaurants should obtain their meat supplies only from certified Halal butcheries.

Makanan Halal di Penang

Apart from getting the halal food, Penang halal restaurant food preparation is also important in determining whether or not a dish can be classified as halal. Any kitchen utensils like knives, spoons, baking tray or plates that have been previously used to prepare non-halal food should not be used unless they have been cleaned properly according to the Islamic guidelines.

Chefs should also refrain from using alcohol (wine, sherry, lager, etc) in their sauces. While people may argue that most of the alcohol will evaporate once the sauces are flambéed or simmered down, a lot of Muslims who want makanan halal di Penang will not eat anything that has been “touched” by alcohol.

Where to Get Halal Seafood Restaurant in Penang

There are only a few Halal Seafood restaurants in Penang that serve Halal food, and equally few places that sell raw Halal food. 

There are a number of supermarkets around, and some of them do sell things like Sambal chilli and Halal Indomie Mee Goreng. In fact, the local supermarket chains also carry various Halal certified foodstuff, especially if there is a significant number of Muslims in the area.

One of my fave eating-places is Thirty Two At the Mansion, which happens to serve only halal seafood in Penang. Since the first time I went there was with my friends from Dubai, I am guessing that it is Halal. The good news is – there are heaps of branches located all around in major cities. In fact, there are more than 15 outlets in Penang alone.

Find a Pork Free Restaurant in Penang

My Muslim friends also brought me to some other Pork Free Restaurants in Penang. The one I frequent the most is probably Jabies Doner Kebab at the town Bulls. It is so near to Palmerston North, and sometimes we just drive over to eat Kebab. We pass by quite often when we drive up North, as this is one of the places where we can turn to State Highway 1.

If you need to find the best Halal Pork Free Restaurant in Penang, I strongly recommend you to visit Thirty Two At the Mansion at 32, Jalan Ahmad Shah, Penang 10050 George Town.

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